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Design School Studio Tour

Design School Studio Tour


I spend a lot of time at uni, so I get quite used to what's around me and how it feels to be in the studio surrounded by other students. I was thinking the other day about how great it is that we have a space to be creative in, and that we have made it our own, in our own strange ways. In less than three months, this space will have transformed into someone else's studio, so I might be getting prematurely nostalgic, and attempting to make the most of it while I have it. I don't know if this studio space is like others, but its ours and I love it. I went in the other day and tried to capture some of the little details that make our space what it is, so that I could share with you what a design school studio is like if you've never been, and also remind myself of all the great things about it! 


Since the start of the year, I've been part of a team of students who have worked together with our classmates to facilitate the spaces that we work in. We came up with a plan for three different spaces: the loud space, the quiet space, and the silent space. After a few changes throughout the year so far, this seems to be working pretty well. As you can see from the picture above however, sometimes the silent space can also be the loudest space, and one student has kindly pointed that out with the use of a design school's favourite stationary item, a post-it note. 


Signs and posters like these are often hijacked or commented on in some way, shape or form by at least one person. Designers often have opinions to be shared, or cultural references to comment on, so it's not uncommon to see pictures of Hodor, or memes of Tim Gunn plastered around the spaces. It's how we like to make the place our own.


There's actually a lot of random things on the walls of our studio. There's people's finished work, memes, encouraging slogans, some work in progress, random bits of materials, inspirational design work, photos, strange drawings and much more.


Indecipherable doodles are one of my favourite things about our design studio. It's so fun to look at something and try so hard to make sense of what is there. To the people outside of the project, it probably looks like nonsense, but to the person who's work it is, it's the most helpful drawing ever! 


Among the random doodles are often little notes to each other: "please don't log out", "help yourself to the chips", "don't erase the whiteboard please", "keep going" and more little notes like these. Even when we're not together, we're trying to help each other out and all make it to the end of the year in one piece! 


Some of the most common and probably most expected things you'll find are the tools of the trade. The studio is filled with computers, post-its, cutting boards, pens, pencils, painting supplies, guillotines, highlighters, rulers, paper and basically anything else you could need. And if you don't have it, somebody else probably does and we're all (usually) willing to share!


I suppose it's probably also pretty expected to see some design work in a design studio and you would be right. This is one of the most exciting things about being in a working design studio because you get to see all of the amazing things that people are working on. There's test prints, sketches, different variations of designs, brainstorms, process work and loads more snippets of the design process scattered all around. It's an exciting place to be!

All of these aspects of our design school studio are amazing, but what makes it even better are the people! None of this stuff would even be here if it weren't for all of the students working together to make the space what it is. I'll be honest with you, I don't actually work in this studio too much because I never get any work done. I just get way to excited and distracted talking to everyone about what they're up to, how their work is going and thinking of ideas of what else they could try! It's not great for my productivity but amazing for my spirits! 

If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend going to the open days if you're looking at going to design school. Go and take a look at what the students are doing, how they work together and the creative homes that they make for themselves. Each year group is probably different too. We have a certain way of working, and we have a strange love of memes, but the next group who gets the space might do it completely differently and that's okay! 

I hope you enjoyed getting a quick sneak peek into our design studio space. Check out my instagram to see other pictures I've taken in there throughout the year, and tell me about your studio space! I'd love to see how other design schools or agencies around the world do things and how you make your space your own! 

Much love, Hollie! :D 

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